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tv   News  ABC  November 11, 2010 6:30am-7:00am EST

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charles street will be closed between fayette and monument. now back to you. >> thanks, kim. if you've taken your car to the auto shop we have sad news for you this morning. two of the workers who spent the night there in order to get an early start in the morning has died in a fire. sherrie johnson is live in glen burnie this morning. >> reporter: we are here live in glen burnie where two men died in a fire here yesterday. take a look at this scene here. this burned out building just a pile of rubble here. the two men died in this auto body shop. they were in there sleeping when the building caught on fire. investigators try to figure out how the fire started. the family members are trying to understand what happened. family members say both of the victims worked long hours at the shop and it was not uncommon to sleep over to get an early start on the work. they eye dent fitted victims as 45-year-old -- identified the victims as 45-year-old herman acevado and the other victim
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was 17-year-old johnny ramos. >> i have a shop next to them, so, we are always you know i am doing stuff for them and they are doing stuff for me. they are good guys. good work. worked hard. >> reporter: word on what exactly caused that fire. but in the meantime, family members are trying to put together a benefit to today try to raise money to cover expenses. if you would like more information on that benefit, log onto our website, at bc2 reporting live in glen burnie, sherrie johnson, abc2 news. 6:31. well, at least the shows went on. stranded at sea a. cruise ship carrying 4500 passengers and 6 thousands cans of spam will reach san diego today. all the while, did you hear about this singers and actors were performing the shows. emily schmidt reports on this. >> reporter: as the crippled carnival splendor moved into cell phone range, passengers got their chance to share the ship's shape. >> it's gross every where. >> reporter: joey noriega and
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his wife stacy board the bowed hours after getting married before a -- boat hours after getting married before the fire knocked out power on the ship. they spent the money moon cleaning toilet. >> the fruit is going bad and the stuff not going bad is not ripe. nothing is good anymore and it's leek you are afraid to eat it. >> reporter: refrigerators stopped work leaving enough food to last through midday tuesday for the 4500 passengers and crew on board. so the navy has been dropping supplies, things like spam and pop tarts that are little consolation for frustrated travelers. >> a lot of people are upset there's no coffee because there's no hot water. cold showers is not all right. >> we are sorry for the discomfort and inconvenience that our guest have had to deal with. >> reporter: carnival's president says safety has been a top priority and the crews cruise line wants to get -- cruise line wants to get people home as soon as possible. but it hasn't been ease yes
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pulling the shift one of two mexican tugboats briefly shut down and progress is slow. meanwhile, the pools are closed, rooms nearly as gloomy as this trip turn out to be. there are reports one thing made passengers happy. when they learned the ship was going back to california instead of docking in mexico. cheers went up all around. splendor is due tie rieive in san diego -- due to arrive in san diego in a matter of hours. 6:33. in this morning's health alert a. push to get people to stop smoking. the government antismoking campaign includes serious new warnings and they are displayed on the packs of cigarettes. we have details this morning. >> reporter: the cautions could hard ly be more tark. warning, cigarettes -- stark. warning, cigarettes cause cancer and smoke kg kill you. >> -- can -- smoke kg kill you. >> we -- smoking can kill you.
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>> we want to make sure everyone who picks up a pack of cigarettes knows the risk they are take. >> reporter: by this time in 2012, fdl will put those or messages like them on a cigarette pack near you. >> for the first time ever, they will say that the tobacco products are addictive. and they will say in the bluntest of terms that the tobacco can kill. >> reporter: and look at the pictures. a smoker exhaling through a hole in his neck. a baby in agony. and here's a message a toe tag. those warnings will get equal billing with the brand names. half the front and backs of cigarette packs 20% of ads. >> every single pack of cigarettes in our country will in effect become a many billboard that tells the truth about smoking. >> in the history of tobacco control, today this may go down as one of the single most important days. >> reporter: perhaps but many spokeers think crackdowns like this smack of big brother. >> the government is going to tell us what to eat and can't eat. >> reporter: cigarette
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companies said they would abide by the rules in use in 37 other countries. it's part of the federal government's plan to cut tobacco use from 20% now to 12% in 2020. so in two years warning labels will go from this to something a little more like this. abc news, washington. 6:35. in honor of veterans day we are asking you to share photos. >> on our facebook fan beige we received wonderful -- fan page , we have received wonderful pictures. father of 7 served in world war ii and colonel dickey was recently add to the chemical corps hall of fame. he is buried in arlington cemetery with his wife buried by his side. and coming, how dress stores all over the land are doing their part to give back to veterans today.
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servicemen and women sacrifice so much. especially when they ever deployed -- especially when they are deployed but the family they leave behind makes a lot of sacrifices. women give up dream weddings with no time to plan before a deployment. but a bridal shop owner is giving them a second chance to make that happen. sheets giving away free wedding gowns to service women and signature others of men who are currently serving in iraq afghanistan. >> they thank me and this is tina's. what you are doing to us and for our country is priceless and this is just a little way of saying thank you. >> that's amazing. this is all part of the bride across america program. dress shops across the country are donating dresses according to the website. there are not stores here in maryland doing this here. but there are some in dc as well as virginia. maybe stores will do it now. >> that's great. we have been asking you to send us pictures of your loved ones who served in the military
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to pay trinity to them on this veteran's day. and this one comes to us from corporal, a u.s. marine corps serving in and began stan and his -- afghanistan and his family is counting down the days until his safe return. that's great shot. >> great picture. >> we want you to send your pictures on how you are honoring veterans for veterans day. tell us about the person on wmar facebook fan page upload a photo with a simple description and we will salute the loveed one on the air and every newscast. and attach a photo and send it to pix, pix, at coming up next, computers donated to students stoleent in night. >> police are -- stolen in the night. >> police are searching for suspects but it will hurt the kids the host. and we -- most. he went out for a fun fall day and went to the hospital. now he is suing the company that he says made him sick. plus, the conclusion of
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mcclain's exchange with a dolphins play. will it keep him on the bench tonight? we have details ahead.
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. i am jamie costello. >> i am megan pringle. thanks for joining on this thursday morning. let's get to weather and here's meteorologist justin berk. >> good morning. we are just another minute or two away from the official sunrise in baltimore. we are starting to see a hint of the morning light over richie highway. and beautiful glen burnie this morning. 44 degrees atan arundel community college. a cooler 37 from fedder -- veterans elementary school on this veterans day. the hour by hour forecast, most of us low 40s this morning. 57 by lunchtime. the 4:00 two degree guaranteed high under a ton of sun at 61. let's see what he happening on the road he. >> reporter: the main roadways are pretty good.
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no probable loans harrisburg he can press weament looking at the maps, bel air we have a couple problems to let you know about including an accident at churchville road. route 22 at route 543. you can see road and lane blockages up there. plus, a water main break has west ring factory road closed in both direction between route 24 and tollgate road a a couple road closures in baltimore city in a moment. now back to you. >> it's a quarter to 7. they spend the night in order to get a jump-start on a new day. if you have taken your car here, you have to feel so sad for what happened. sherrie johnson is live this morning in glen burnie with more. >> reporter: it's a sad scene out here in glen burnie. take a look behind me here. you can see this burned out building just nothing but rubble. you can see cars with bricks on top of them where the building just completely collapsed here. this all happened after two men they died in the auto body shop. they were inside sleeping when
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the building caught fire. as investigators tried to figure out how the fire started, family members are trying to understand what happened. family members say both of the victims worked long hours at the shop and it was not uncommon for them to sleep over to get an early start on the work the next day. they eye dent fitted victims as 45-year-old herman acevado. better known as macho. they said the other victim was 17-year-old johnny ramos. the victims bodies were found in the interior portion of the building not close to the doors or the windows. when fire crews arrived, the flames were intense. >> heavy volume of fire. defensive fire attack ensued. building collapsed on itself. about 90% of the building was down on itself. >> reporter: there's no word on what caused the fire. in the meantime, family hems are trying to put together a benefit to try to pay for some of the expenses. and if you want more information on that benefit, log onto our website,
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reporting live from glen burnie, sherrie johnson, abc2 news. the complaint is filed about the controversial phone calm you have received on election day. attorney general filed a complaint against universal election and ronda russell an employee of the companych the complaint says 112,000 prerecord calls were made and told voters martin o'malley run the e-- won the election before the polls closed. the former governor ehrlich and his staff were not aware of the calls. and this morning, we have a sketch of the man police believe raped a woman. take a look at this. investigators say this is the man that followed the woman as she returned from taking out the trash on monday night. the victim says he showed hear gun, raped her monday night in the 8100 block of scenic meadow drive in laurel many if you think you know who the person is, call police. 6:47. police in harford county are hoping sur veil and video will help lead to an arrest of a armed robbery that happened at
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game stop store. two men stole about 100 copies of "call of duty black ops" from the game stop at festival plaza. they got away with cash and other merchandise. if you have any information, dep phis tis in harford county want to hear from you -- deputies in harford county want to hear from you. a 17-year-old has been arrested in the murder of a 16-year-old. police charged sterlin matthews with killing daquan burks on halloween night. medics found two other teens shot at the location. they survived. matthew is charged as an adult with first degree murder he and will not be getting out of jail any time soon because the judge denied bail. 6:48. former morgan and towson state football star is going to jail. he went onto play in the nfl with the giants and patriots, he was sentenced to 30 years on charges of sexual conduct and burglary in south carolina. the 44-year-old would pack
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stadiums on sunday but suffered on off the field activities here. remember when he was with the giants in 1990. he was arrested in baltimore on a charge of offering to pay an undercover female police officer for sex. his son playing for the terps in college park. his son is placing did -- is playing for the terps in college park. brand hartridge testified he went to hall's off campus apartment look for a fight after a woman whom both dated said she was hit. hall pled guilty to manslaughter last month. he says the shooting was in self-defense. today, members of the city police union are set to vote on a new contract. the new deal gives them five more days off in exchange for about a 2% pay cut. last year, the union spent months negotiating a contract with city and five furlough
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days along with the changes they long sought. the union vote is slated to run from 6 a.m. until 7 p.m. at union lodge in hamden. baugher's or char has been hit with a lawsuit following an e.coli outbreak. they recalled the unpasteurized apple cider products after being identified as a source of an e.coli outbreak. at least seven residents were sick. this lawsuit was filed on behalf of a baltimore man. according to the suit goarkts sick after visiting the farm sampling some of the cider and making a purchase there last month. 10 away from seven. 17 computers awarred to a school through a grant have been stolen. last week, somebody broke into the purpose and potential christian arts academy and took the computers. and now the children with limited resource are left with fewer tools to learn.
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>> we are looking at the possibility that it could be somebody with inside knowledge of the schools and the knowledge that the computers were fairly new and new acquisition by the school. all of that is being investigated by detectives. >> i hope they find out who is responsible. that's terrible. that is second computer theft in the area. police don't know if the two are connected. well, go ahead. megan. parents in harford county are getting the first look at what the elementary school district could look like next fall. look at your screen. that is proposed map of the redrawn boundaries. look like a -- it's kind of confusion. they have been meeting with small groups of parents but want to make sure all parents have their voices heard before they make final decisions. if you want more information, we have put it on the website. chk out a map and more detail on the story at and if you are a harford county parent, you will be affected by the changes. we would like to hear from you
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and want to know what you think. reach out to us through facebook or and there's more information go to about and click on contact us and send us a message. today is veterans day to honor all of those who served our country and currently serving our country. today in baltimore city, mayor rawlings-blake will join city leaders and veterans and march from the washington monument in mount vernon to the war memorial starting at eight this morning and the ceremony starts at 10:00. hot. & united we stand ♪ divided we fall ♪ >> they honored veterans early saluting those who served and are still serving. it was held at patriot plaza in towson. 5,000 marylanders are serving in iraq and afghanistan. so far 119 men and women from our state sacrificed their lives
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in those wars. we have been asking you to send pictures of your loved one who is are serving in the military or have served because we want to pay tribute to them here on abc2. this picture comes from ashley weeks who is a specialist. this is specialist brown. weeks away if the army he died in iraq in 2007. his family says not a day goes by that they don't think about him. keep the pictures coming. we want to hear from you. we are honoring veterans on this veterans day, so send them n you can e-mail this to pix at or share a picture on the facebook page. afc versus nfc tonight. talented offense versus a bruising defense. a preview of what we will see in big d on the first sunday in february. at the midway point it's clear the falcons and ravens are on a shrinking list of teams that have a legitimate chance to reach the superbowl in dallas.
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let's see how they stack up against one another. tonight, prime time football thursday night football on nfl channel. and mcclain will suit up. nl -- mfl decide against a fines after a complaint by a dolphin that the full back spit in the face of channing crowder. nfl director found no conclusive evidence to support that accusation. mcclain said he spit accidently and the ravens coach says the player was innocent. now, maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weatherrate. >> 6:54. we will go back to veterans day as we honor with dignity and pride. i am proud to share some great weather for you today. let's do the almanac on 11-11. we expect 36 in the morning. we are above that in most spots. 58 a typical afternoon. the record on 11-11, 77 in
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2006. 6:45 sun up. clear skies allows us to have a lot of sun once again. that storm off the coast continues to sit further away from new england. that's good for us. high pressure arrived to fully take over and we should squeeze the clouds out of eastern new england heading through the day. this is blocking the next weather system for the next few days and blocking a big warmup. yesterday's high in baltimore, 64 but it was 74 in louisville and 77 in shrews and that's where the heat is. we will get taste of it over the next couple days and that weather system is going to hold off for a few days. once it charges in next week, a big change in the weather pattern as we will get to a within theory pat are by next week. let's enjoy this. veteran's -- pattern by next week. let's enjoy this. 36 overnight under clear skies. and we will bump it a little bit. low to mid-60s. saturday 6 5. lows near freezing. 50s with the rain arriving by monday and tuesday next week.
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kim. >> reporter: justin, volume is picking up around the area. looking good on the beltway a little increased volume and slow between bel air up to york road on the west side traffic looks pretty good. outer loop lanes, no delays or problems towards i-70. a little heavy from wilkins towards green spring. looking at our maps, in bel air, two incidents that are causing a little trouble. an accident right there at route 22. churchville road and route 543, expect lane close yours and a water -- closures and water main break has it closed in both directions this morning. so you can use mcfail as an alternate around that and an accident in baltimore city at caton avenue and joe avenue this morning. megan and jamie, back to you. >> 6:56. coming up, controversy over airport screenings continues so that is going to be the subject on "good morning, america." >> and the cma and who won last night. ravens again falcons.
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let's cut the lights and end it with the ceramic. the light go down and the ravens play off tonight, thursday night football. >> go ravens. ,
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